Sunday, January 21, 2018

School Calendars


Please access this site for important information concerning dates and events.  Please refer to the "School Calendars" for information about the first day of school, holidays, and extended breaks.  We hope this will help you in planning your summers, college visits, and family trips.  The "Events Calendar" is a compilation of all of our district's activities in one location.  To see an individual school's calendar, please visit that school's website.

Please note that calendars are subject to change due to weather or other unexpected occurrences.


2017-18 Amended School Calendar (Updated 09  26  2017)
*Amendment to Calendar* - There will be NO School October 24th meaning Fall Break will be Oct 18-24. We WILL HAVE school on February 20th.

 Planning Ahead

2018-19 Paris Calendar Board Approved December 19, 2017

District Events Calendar